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REZZ & Deathpact unveil “Chemical Bond” from upcoming album “Spiral”

Less than a couple of days after confirming that her 4th studio album called “Spiral” is on the horizon, REZZ has teamed up with Deathpact to release the first single from the LP called “Chemical Bond” via her own imprint REZZ Music Label (in partnership with RCA Records). After initially teasing the album in March 2021, the artist has kept the whole industry on its toes while dropping some exotic singles on the side, including “Hypnocurrency” (a collab with the legendary deadmau5), “Taste of You“, and “Sacrificial.”

Starting off in a dark and slow territory with a spellbinding intro melody, “Chemical Bond” progressively takes charge with a breathtaking buildup that represents the characteristic sounds of both REZZ & Deathpact. Lying in the middle ground between deep electro house and midtempo genres, the spooky yet addictive first drop really makes a statement about the artists’ versatility and conciseness. The second drop is heavily based on some buzzing basslines, haunting synths, and a nasty percussive kit.

The opening track from REZZ’s upcoming album has definitely provided us with a slight taste of what to expect, but given the artist’s history of working across a lot of different genres, there’s not much we can predict until the album actually arrives.

Be sure to check out “Chemical Bond” here –

Image Credits – Rezz (via Instagram)

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