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The Masamune talks The Masamune EP, working with various artists and more: Interview

Presenting the world with an EP like no other, The Masamune has blessed fans alike with 4 absolute dancefloor controllers and a special guest remix courtesy of no other than legendary Dutch producer DJ Hidden. With the self-titled, The Masamune EP, aimed squarely at the next generation of Drum & Bass Dj’s and listeners, we have caught up with the man of the moment. Talking all things The Masamune EP, working with various artists, and future plans, this is what The Masamune had to say!

Congratulations on the release of The Masamune EP. Could you give us an insight on the thought process behind each production, and the overall feeling surrounding each of the tracks that you have presented?

Thank you very much! All four tracks are purposely written in the scale of F-major to give the full EP a natural flow through the time signature differences between the tracks. F-major is also a common niche key note I like to write tracks in.


Consisting of 4 absolute dancefloor controllers and one special guest remix, what was your main inspiration behind the whole project and how would you like your fellow artists and listeners to perceive your self-titled EP?

Prior to the production of this project I had produced for several years under the moniker “Masamune” without “The” before the name. This project was self-titled The Masamune because it is the first EP released under the official name change, or name update, if you will. I’m not really sure how it will be perceived outside of me just showcasing a small dose of my range and what I am capable of bringing to the world of electronic music.

The Masamune

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With your producing talents evident throughout each track, could you give us a further insight on how you work as an artist, and how significant it is for you to portray your music on a larger scale?

Production is generally separated into several sessions: synth design, melody composition, body/drop sequencing, focus on making an interesting build-up then outro, and it’s almost never in that order, the process is usually very non-linear. As far as the significance of portraying my music on a larger scale, the answer is simple: I’m The Masamune! I’m joking. Honestly, I feel each of us as producers all around the world have a unique lens we view art through to make our creations and I personally would like to bring the experience and influence of countless genres into one unique product that will constantly evolve and shape-shift as I release more and more and my productions progress.


With crucial amplifications from the collaborators on this EP, do you feel that working with people who are as passionate as you has helped elevate the overall product of this project?

Yes! Creativity and passion are highly contagious!


In addition, could you give us an insight on how it was to work with legendary Dutch producer DJ Hidden, and what does his remix of one of your tracks bring to the overall feel of your EP?

Sure. I’ve listened to various forms of Dutch electronic music for nearly 20 years from Nederpop, Gabber, to DnB and Noel Wessels is a producer I’ve listened to and admired for a lot of that time. His work as DJ Hidden, as half of The Outside Agency, and Semiomime have long been an influence. F-major just so happens to be a favoured keynote of Hidden’s as well, so I provided him with my 2018 tune “Doomslayer” to remix in the keynote because I felt it would be familiar territory for him. And it worked out because it helped form a good cohesion with the rest of the tracks.


With your beats ranging from half time punishers, to running and rolling steppers, your versatility within styles is evident throughout. Is this a feature you have been working on as an artist, and how significant is it for an artist to switch up genres when needed?

Yes, generally after I complete a track in a particular genre I like to experiment in another immediately after. It keeps things fresh and challenging. I don’t want to tell every artist out there that they MUST switch up genres because if you are good at a niche genre there’s also nothing wrong with that. But personally, I do prefer the challenge of completely abandoning comfort zones, musically.

The Masamune

Image Credit: The Masamune (Press)


Aimed squarely at the next generation of Drum & Bass DJ’s and listeners, what advice would you give fellow artists who gain inspiration from your music and want to succeed within this industry?

To cultivate a sound of your own and allow it to evolve. Even if you think it is repetitive and sounds stupid, if it is your unique sound it will indeed blossom over time and become something one hundred percent indigenous to you and you only.


With the Masamune EP now released, is this the final product of the project or could we expect further tracks to be added in the near future?

No this is not the final product! The Masamune EP is a prelude to the full length LP “Improvised Weapons” (working title) which will be aimed for a 2022 release with Ohm Resistance. I also have a handful of tracks coming out on various labels in the meantime as well. Just follow me on any of my social media platforms @therealmasamune on Instagram or The Masamune on Facebook to have the most up to date information on the process of all of my future projects!

You can check out The Masamune EP below, and make sure to keep an eye on the final product once it is released.

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