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Cape Town’s The Other Radio unveils new studio space & website

One of Cape Town, South Africa‘s biggest community stations The Other Radio has been operating remotely since its formation by Aaron Peters, Matt Hichens and Philippus Johan. However, it’s recently expanded into so much more as it showcases its brand new studio and website which started operations on the 16th of September.

Promising to connect people and ideas through music, the radio station sees more than 70 hosts and regular guests the likes of River Moon, Lakei and Planet Mu’s John Wizards. The stations focus on local music, artists and labels couldn’t be more clearer as it also has plans to host DJ lessons at its brand new rooftop studio and also develop other initiatives to assist young artists starting out in the industry, a huge help for people wanting to get into the industry but cannot due to the extreme cost of DJ equipment in South Africa. Talking about the new studio space and website, radio organisers stated:

“All shows follow an enthusiasm for otherness and a deep appreciation of music – We strive to represent an inclusive and diverse selection of DJs, shows and perspectives from around the world and to create a platform for often-overlooked and niche genres and perspectives from South Africa.”

The interior of the studio hub itself was designed by a visual artist based in Johannesburg, Limb, and features striking green colours with the studio described by the artist himself via an Instagram post as a “psychedelic amoeba topographical plush toy sif all-green-and-kitsch-as-sin world”. The website that was also recently launched will be a place to tune into the radio live and also will host an archive of recently broadcasted shows. You can check out the website here and check out photos of the studio below.

Image Credit: Press

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