Las Vegas Electronic Dance Music

The Rise of Electronic Dance Music in Las Vegas

Electronic Dance Music, known commonly as EDM, has become one of the most successful music genres in history. Vegas gaming has seen a surge in dance music popularity recently, and we’ve gone behind-the-scenes to find out what caused this intermarket symbiosis, and how it works so well.

There are numerous examples of successful collaborations around this partnership. While there is a large variety of popular music themed games in Vegas, many dance music artists have wholeheartedly embraced online slot gaming as a viable revenue stream. 

Why is dance music in particular such a significant contributor to this cross-market success, and how has it become so integral to the successful evolution of casino games? To find out the answers to these questions, we’ve looked into the origins of this phenomenon. Read on to find out why EDM and Las Vegas have become such a compelling synergy of bass-thumping music and trendsetting casinos.


Electronic Dance Music Rise

Electronic music isn’t a new genre. In the late 80’s, underground parties and raves became popular in Europe. Increased interest in nightclubs and club culture led to dance music becoming a huge attraction. This dance music, or club music, gradually became known as the genre we now call EDM.

By 2000, dance music had become a global phenomenon, and regular festivals were held around the world. These festivals had a positive economic impact, and events like those held in Ibiza and Tomorrowland in Belgium, became international holiday destinations. In the early 2010s, a surge in media coverage saw EDM adopt its official role – as an umbrella term for multiple dance genres including house, techno, rave, and electro.

Dance Music Clubs

The first dance music club in Las Vegas was called Utopia. English record producer and trance DJ, Paul Oakenfold’s, first trips to Vegas were for gigs at Utopia. His sets were so revolutionary and impressed the crowds to such an extent, that other Vegas clubs began implementing electronic dance music residency models of their own. It wasn’t long before EDM grew into a mainstream industry, a steady stream of clubs began hosting electronic music nights.

In 2011, the Electric Daisy Carnival moved from Los Angeles to Vegas. Since then Vegas has become the premier dance music destination, with many clubs hosting regular events featuring all the biggest names in the scene.


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Intermarket success

Las Vegas now plays host to the most popular electronic dance music artists on a weekly basis, and many famous DJs have residency status along The Strip. Paul Oakenfold is one of these renowned international DJs, and is also one of the highest-paid DJs in the world. In a 2008 interview, Oakenfold confidently compared Vegas to Ibiza, going so far as to say that it would eventually replace Ibiza as the world’s premier international clubbing destination. Seeing as the ten most popular DJs in the world are now regular performers in Vegas, it certainly seems as if he was on to something.

deadmau5 is another legend who saw the potential the genre had in Las Vegas. Well-known for his love of gambling, deadmau5 is now a resident in Vegas and makes regular stage appearances there. The artist used his meteoric success to branch out into different media. For example, partnered with Microgaming and Eurostar Studios, the world-famous DJ released an online slot game in November of 2020. Using Deadmau5 as its title, the game features his licensed music, as well as video footage from his Cube v3 Tour.


From Bongo’s Bingo to spin-and-win games like Spin Party, dance music has influenced numerous casino games. Online slot games have been using electronic music to great effect, and there are already top 10 lists featuring EDM casino games. Various music genres have contributed to the tremendous success of slot games; from Michael Jackson to Ozzy Ozbourne, Elvis Pressley to Jimmi Hendrix. Many music icons have used their talent to add to the rise of casino gaming software.

Electronic music success

There are several reasons for the success of electronic music in Las Vegas. These include the rise of online casino games and the significant part they’ve played in club music’s success. electronic music tracks also have an upbeat energy that many music genres can’t match, while DJs promote a feel-good mood that’s perfectly suited to the pace of a Vegas lifestyle. 

Evidently, it took an eclectic combination of influences to launch electronic dance music to the popularity it enjoys today; with nine of the ten highest-paid DJs in the world holding weekly events in the Entertainment Capital of the World.


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