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YVONTI unveils debut single ‘Looking For Me’ feat. Sara Korpi: Listen

With a daunting feeling surrounding the debut single of any artist, the mystery behind YVONTI’sLooking For Me’ has got us more than intrigued. Evident throughout, originality was a key element in producing this track, whilst the inspiration taken from the Scandinavian Pop genre has led to the creation of a pop sounding track with electronic influences.

Adding that extra touch, Sara Korpi’s vocals give life to the most meaningful of lyrics, and in turn have ensured that this collaboration will be kickstarting something special for both artists. Portraying feelings and emotion experienced when finally seeing the true colours of your significant other, ‘Looking For Me’ provides that extra push in letting go and freeing yourself from a relationship that may have been eating you away inside.

Often seen as an illusion, happiness can be achieved only when you are truly free, and this latest single has all the feel-good elements to get anyone out of a difficult situation. Living during the chaotic times of 2020, YVONTI has appeared in our lives at the most perfect of times, with a main intention; countering the dysfunctional parts of society through the power of music.

Opting to remain a mysterious figure within the scene, YVONTI’s mask cultivates the idea behind someones’ true identity, and in turn amplifies the significance behind the fact that no matter the skin colour, gender and sexuality of an individual, we are all equal. Adding to that, YVONTI’s identity lies within the music released, and if ‘Looking For Me’ is just the beginning, we cannot wait for the mystery to unfold with each new track produced.

Released at the most significant of times, ‘Looking For Me’ is only a small piece in the story which will be written by YVONTI. With more tracks produced, a pattern will emerge, and in turn the story may as well be complete. For now however, make sure to embark on this unique journey of musical excellence by listening to this latest track here, as we all eagerly await for what’s to come next.

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