Home Uncategorized Znas delivers awe-inspiring EP ‘Unearth Me’ with Nelly TGM: Listen
Znas delivers awe-inspiring EP ‘Unearth Me’ with Nelly TGM: Listen
Image Credit: Znas (Press)

Znas delivers awe-inspiring EP ‘Unearth Me’ with Nelly TGM: Listen

Home Uncategorized Znas delivers awe-inspiring EP ‘Unearth Me’ with Nelly TGM: Listen

Following the release of his awe-inspiring progressive trance EP, ‘Philia & Phobia,’ Znas is back with yet another masterpiece of an EP production. Staying true to his progressive trance nature, the multi-faceted artist has teamed up with singer/songwriter Nelly TGM for a vocal track titled ‘Unearth Me.’

Providing fans with both a radio edit and extended version of his latest track, Znas has been following a similar approach when releasing music, as he has stated that Original Mixes are “not necessary according to how the music industry is focused,” and in turn has opted to omit the original version in the work which he presents.

Adding to his philosophy, the Znas Music owner created his label “with the intention of discovering new musical values and give them a chance in their beginnings.” With each release, the Spanish DJ/producer looks at portraying a message that will significantly impact an individual in that moment of time, and ‘Unearth Me’ has come at a time where people fail to realise that “happiness is within our reach,” and that “it is in ourselves” to find it.

A dynamic trance production, Znas never fails to disappoint when it comes to showcasing his musical prowess to the world. The addition of Nelly TGM on vocals helps intensify the tracks’ personality, whilst the deep meaning behind the lyrics will have the listener embark on a unique journey of musical freedom and euphoria. Sharing her thoughts on the overall meaning of this track, Nelly TGM had the following to say;

“I believe some imaginations only are defined in human’s mind. Fortunately or unfortunately, I consider time and space as imaginary matters too. But if we could imagine the truth (the light which I mention in the lyrics) we will find our truth and real peace which from its comfort we will end up crying because we can’t believe we’re only one breathe away from real happiness. And in the end, we need to unearth the truth from material life (soil) and plant them in our minds and souls in order to let them grow naturally, not depending on our illusions.”

Out now via Znas Music, ‘Unearth Me’ is destined for nothing other success. With a powerful backstory, both artists have set to remind people that happiness comes from within, and that material things and other people may come and go, but we must always ensure that we stay true to ourselves. Meaningful to say the least, you can check out this latest EP below and let us know what you think in the comments section.



Image Credit: Press Release

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