October 2021

On 22 October heavy news hit the industry. The owners of the Printworks building have submitted plans to convert the famous and cherished London venue into offices. The transformation is scheduled to take place as early as next year. London is a major cultural epicentre, being a hot spot for clubbing. Hosting important nightclubs clearly helps this reputation. With this announcement

For years, many concert-goers have taken pride in collecting their ticket stubs for all the shows they attend. These stubs hold a special place in the attendee's heart. That ticket opens up a memory that each person can relive from when they were there. However, as the world shifts to a fully online community, these small mementos are beginning to

There's always something exciting when you know a release is coming on Pryda Presents. The adrenaline goes even higher when artists like Cristoph and Artche come together to deliver the finest progressive house on Eric Prydz's illustrious imprint. 'Illusions' is the name of the captivating single, already available for buy and to stream on the usual platforms. Cristoph has had an

Keeping us satisfied both in and out of quarantine with his legendary live streams, David Guetta maintained an epic level of quality for his live streams during the lockdown and came back even stronger during his live shows in Las Vegas, Creamfields, and many more. A man of several talents indeed, if there was one DJ, producer, and songwriter who I

Known for being masters of uplifting progressive sounds, Matisse & Sadko have returned to the release radar, this time with singer Mougleta for the anthemic gem 'Relight my Love,' released via Tomorrowland imprint Tomorrowland Music. Russian brothers Matisse & Sadko are a duo that have dominated airwaves and festival mainstages with their tracks for years upon years now. Never missing on quality and upbeat

Not only is electronic music prevalent in the music industry, on the radio and in television, it is highly present in the film industry. Over the years, we’ve been treated to many iconic film soundtracks by the hands of some of our favourite electronic artists - some that may not be widely known to many people - and we’re diving