Alan Fitzpatrick goes drum & bass in ‘Bourgeois Imagery’ with High Contrast: Listen

Techno legend Alan Fitzpatrick and drum & bass royalty High Contrast have joined forces to deliver breakbeat pearl ‘Bourgeois Imagery‘. The track is the third extract from Fitzpatrick’s highly anticipated studio album ‘Machine Therapy‘ and is out now via Anjunadeep. Applauses are in order for unlikely pairings that result in resounding successes. When you think of Alan Fitzpatrick producing a collaborative track you’d hardly think of drum & bass artists, but the truth is this techno titan never ceases to amaze.

Alan Fitzpatrick is always accompanied by splendid energy and attitude. Something that is not only evident when sharing music with ravers in his unmissable DJ sets but also the studio. Creativity and focus don’t seem to get lost in this solid career on the underground music circuit. When Fitzpatrick made his Anjunadeep debut earlier this summer, it was clear that no path is different enough for the famed producer, who doesn’t let the label of musical genres get in the way. While surprising, Alan Fitzpatrick’s more melodic side is absolutely delightful. The upcoming ‘Machine Therapy’ seems to personify all of the artist’s creative growth and development over this past decade. So far, he has given you a taste of ‘Warning Signs‘ featuring Lawrence Hart and ‘W.A.I.S.T.D‘ with Bloc Party’s Kele. Now Alan Fitzpatrick dives into the drum & bass waters to deliver ‘Bourgeois Imagery’ featuring hitmaker High Contrast. About this collaboration, the UK artist said:

‘Alan and I have talked about collaborating for a number of years as we share a love of 90s oldskool beats, so it was great to finally make it happen; albeit remotely because of the pandemic. I relish the opportunity to collab with artists from other sides of the dance music spectrum than my own as I love the intriguing fusion of different mindsets. It was also a chance for me to work at a slower tempo than I normally do and it resulted in a hypnotic groove that I really dig’

As was already evident in the two previous extracts from the upcoming album, ‘Bourgeois Imagery’ spreads an old-school vibe that seems to become especially revivalist when translated into a breakbeat sound. But if at first, you might think that a 90’s warehouse sound doesn’t fit into Anjunadeep’s catalogue, be warned. Alan Fitzpatrick and High Contrast have made it possible. ‘Bourgeois Imagery’ is an urban dance cut wrapped in a breakbeat-infused groove that’s exalted by some swirling vocals. Conceptually you are captured into a dimension that oscillates between the realm of the future and a vintage computer game. The weight of the tight beat is carried by the levitating melody and the synths make you gravitate. It’s a contrasting irony that works perfectly. The swell of the atmospheric soundscape softens the copious breakbeat rhythm without making it boring. Dynamics are not lacking in this track.

Due to the pandemic, this single was developed from a distance, but the truth is that the depth of the music manages to bring you closer. Get involved with ‘Bourgeois Imagery’ below:


Image credit: Alan Fitzpatrick (via Facebook)