Artche joins Cristoph to trick your mind on progressive cut ‘Illusions’: Listen

There’s always something exciting when you know a release is coming on Pryda Presents. The adrenaline goes even higher when artists like Cristoph and Artche come together to deliver the finest progressive house on Eric Prydz‘s illustrious imprint. ‘Illusions‘ is the name of the captivating single, already available for buy and to stream on the usual platforms.

Cristoph has had an exemplary run and the undeniable opinion from fans is that he is getting better and better. His engaging, rich in meaning and layered productions have put him in the spotlight of the progressive world. The Newcastle prodigy was the first artist to sign to Pryda Presents and has been bringing much joy to Prydz and his growing fan base ever since.

Artche is known for his spellbinding vocals and for sweetening the tracks he collaborates on with his silky and heart-piercing voice. The talented artist not only shares with Cristoph his hometown but also a taste for challenging boundaries and unleashing creativity.

Artche and Cristoph are two forces of nature individually, but when they get together they form a true musical storm. This is not the first time they have combined and the result is always formidable. In 2018 Artche crammed Cristoph’s melodic cut ‘Voice of Silence‘ with emotion. Artche’s vocals and introspective lyrics were featured on Cristoph and Franky Wah‘s single ‘The World You See‘, one of this year’s smashers from Pryda Presents. Now, the twosome is back to fill the club with ‘Illusions’.

Whisper-like, the vocals grab you within the first few minutes as the melody thickens second by second. The percussion is simply delicious, with the bass and kick dancing an intimate three-way tango with the beat. The synths are shimmering and take you into an enchanting daydream. The track has plenty of air, letting you breathe in and absorb the lyrics with intensity and engage slowly with the melody. The intense build-up leads you into a blazing drop that will make you dance with all your soul. More than manipulating your emotions and mind, ‘Illusions’ will enchant you towards the dancefloor. Enjoy.

Image Credit: Artche (via Facebook)