Barcelona workshop

Barcelona workshop will teach how to create community-based clubs

A new project called ‘What Makes A Club’ will be teaching how to create community-based clubs in an upcoming workshop in Barcelona. It will take place on November 8-12 and will be hosted by Temporary Pleasure and the non-profit organisation Futch Club.

After a tough year, Barcelona clubs were allowed to reopen earlier this month and, with this, new ideas revolving the club concepts have come onto the scene – this is the case for ‘What Makes A Club’The 5-day program will consist of a week-long workshop and DIY dance floor in Barcelona, offering lectures, design labs and a seminar on how to create a prototype of community-based and oriented clubs. This whole project strives to put the focus on the importance and relevance of communities to reimagine and come up with what they call, “next-gen nightclubs”.

The whole program costs a total of €80 and you can apply and book your spot up until Sunday October 24th. The organisation has made sure to reserve some spots for people with financial needs. For more info, check the Temporary Pleasure website or follow the event socials here.


Join us for five days of lectures, design labs and a building workshop enabling local scenes to co-create community-based club spaces.

We’ve spent the last decade looking at clubs from inside and out and believe brick-and-mortar clubs are broken: too rigid, top-down – and disappearing. To preserve the right to dance in community we need to reimagine clubs – replacing rigid clubs, barriers-to-entry, and lost spaces – with fluid clubs, co-creation, and new beginnings.

We believe that real collaboration and inclusivity makes for better music, dance floors and opportunities for community-building beyond the club. In alliance with @futchclub we aim to amplify local energies, marginalised voices and identities that are often locked out.

Together in a single week we’ll build a prototype club space and platforming event that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Image Credit: City Hall (via Facebook)

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