Curbi talks: ‘The Pattern’ EP, releasing on Tomorrowland Music, playing shows again & more [Interview]

Known for his relentlessly energetic beats and genre bending sound, UK-born but Netherlands-based DJ and producer Curbi is someone who has been in the scene for years upon years. Over these years, fans have seen his sound grow from strength to strength as his production skills also grew, and the culmination of this is showcased in his newest release, a 6-track EP titled ‘The Pattern,’ released through Tomorrowland‘s new imprint Tomorrowland Music. No doubt a massive career move for Curbi, We Rave You got all the details about the creative process of ‘The Pattern’ and more as we sat down with Curbi to know more.

Congratulations on the release of your new EP ‘The Pattern’! How does it feel to get it out into the world for everyone to hear?

It feels amazing once again.. when you’ve been working in depth on something so specific for a long time that you care about it, it’s always nice to see it come to life!

Giving fans a taste of the album, you released the first single ‘Safe & Sound’ not long ago. How did you decide that this was the first single you wanted to release out of the six on the EP? 

I think ‘Safe & Sound’ was really only the track which should be the standpoint of the EP. The track in my opinion gives people a sense of colour before listening to the rest of it!

How long had you been working on this EP for and what was the first track you started working on? 

I had been working on this EP for around 9 months or so, trying to piece together the right sounds. The first track I made was ‘Show’ which is actually the last track of the EP!

What message are you wanting to send out with this EP? What would you like fans to take away from it when they’re listening to it?

Ultimately I just want to show people each side of my sound and how diverse I can be.. making the same music over and over is boring, the need to adapt and make playful music is inspiring and I hope people take that in when hearing the EP!

You had mentioned on Instagram that this EP is a little different and that you’re happy to explore more. Is exploring with your production skills something you find yourself doing a lot more lately? What made you want to explore sounds with this EP?

100%! I’ve always been to the point on trying something a little outside of my comfort zone, but I think now I’m really pushing it out there and not being afraid to release what I’m experimenting with. It’s important and I’m happy to do this with Tomorrowland!

How has it felt to be able to play these tracks live again since everything has reopened? How does it feel to get back onto a stage in front of an audience and having tour plans to look forward to again?

I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed that feeling of playing music again, and of course my own stuff, definitely motivating and exciting!!

‘The Pattern’ has been released through Tomorrowland’s own imprint Tomorrowland Music. How does it feel to be part of their release roster?

So honoured that I could do this together with Tomorrowland. They are such a staple in electronic music so it’s really really thrilling to work together on this one!

What other plans are in store for you this year? Can you tell us what the rest of 2021 looks like for you?

Most of the remainder of the year will definitely consist of working on lots of new music for next year. This year seems to be pretty complete, so it’s all about a focus on next year!

‘The Pattern’ is out now, and you can stream it below or here.

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