Dust of Apollon

Dust of Apollon releases debut EP ‘Vicious Circle’: Listen

After levelling up his already successful career with a string of highly-streamed singles, Berlin-based producer Dust of Apollon is taking the next biggest career step by releasing a full EP, titled ‘Vicious Circle.’

With releases on labels such as San Holo‘s bitbird, Lowly, and more, he has big plans for the future and 2021 has already proved to be his year to shine brightly. Fusing future pop, trap and delicate acoustic elements using guitar and even drums, he has used his childhood background in classical piano training to add extra dimensions and elements to his signature sound. Also inspired by the musical tastes of his parents, he draws from rock influences also, resulting in what is a dynamic and unique vibe.

Drawing from personal experiences to fuel his music with raw emotion is always something that the German producer has excelled in, but it is in this EP which it shines even more than ever before. About this EP, he states:

I was in a constant state of worry and sadness, barely holding up. Even though the pandemic affected my mental state drastically, the real meaning behind Vicious Circle is related to said breakup. I‘m incredibly happy that the songs turned out the way they did and I can’t wait for the world to hear them.”

Beginning to write this EP at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is when he went through said breakup, he found solace in the process of writing music as a catalyst to pour all of his emotions into, and it shows. ‘Vicious Circle’ consists of four tracks, with features from fellow up-and-coming young producers nxt. and Sam Day, who feature on the tracks ‘drowning‘ and ‘Pass U By.’ ‘Don’t Feel Like Living‘ and ‘Crown of Lies‘ make up the rest of the EP, and as listeners traverse through the tracks, they will feel connected to Dust of Apollon’s heartache, being able to connect with the artist on a whole new level. Showcasing the more emotional and delicate side of the electronic music scene, it is one of the biggest standout releases of the year and allows us to know this young talent on a personal level.

Sharing that it is okay not to be okay, listeners will find comfort in the fibres of the four tracks as they hang on to each lyric sung, and each synth. ‘Vicious Circle’ is out now, and you can listen to it via Spotify below or other streaming sites here.

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