Elderbrook Innerlight

Elderbrook releases highly anticipated electronic-based EP ‘Innerlight’: Listen

After a long wait that has been intensified by Elderbrook‘s stunning live performances, it’s time to finally meet his ‘Innerlight’. The highly anticipated four-track EP is now out via Parlophone Records and available on the usual platforms.

Alexander Kotz, better known as Elderbrook, entered the industry quietly, spreading his serene personality to everyone. In collaborations with the big names, he has never been left in the shadows, revealing himself to be as talented a singer-songwriter as he is an excellent multi-instrumentalist and producer. His multiple facets make him a very powerful player and an unequalled performer. He is undoubtedly one of the leading names in the new electronic-pop sound and live sets.

Over time you can feel the maturity in Elderbrook’s sound and his growing ability to communicate with his audience in such an intimate way. It’s music to listen to, to feel and also to dance to and the four tracks on this EP are a good example of that. The ‘Innerlight EP’ has been discussed for some time now. The first track to be released was ‘Inner Light’ which can be considered the title track. Created in collaboration with acclaimed duo Bob Moses, this piano-lead pearl is a treat for your musical palate. The energy spread in the chorus is intense, impactful, infectious and full of bass. The serenity of the melody and the delicate vocals contrast perfectly with the pulsating percussion of the chorus, making the track very dynamic. The lights dim in ‘I’ll Find My Way To You‘. This deep dance cut is an ode to introspective music, staying true to Elderbrook’s characteristic heartfelt character. Emmit Fenn‘s vocals are precious, intertwining smoothly with the beat of this what was the second single to be shared. A brand new one follows and it’s a collaborative production with Kölsch. ‘Broken Mirror‘ presents itself with very interesting layers. The vocals are no notes but the element that leads the track, the kick and the rest of the percussion are exquisite and have the perfect intensity for a hybrid dance track. It’s a track full of soul, with an extraordinary rhythm. To close this four-chapter book comes ‘Dominoes‘. Featuring Louis The Child, this song is the queen of melody on this EP. Although it starts soft and serene, it explodes into sounds that wrap themselves around your mind. The synths are pristine and are elegantly arranged through the narrative that is as minimal as it is complex. It’s a game of sounds, feelings and emotions.

With ‘Innerlight EP’ is also released the music video for ‘Broken Mirror’, directed by the protégé of world-renowned photographer Rankin, Jordan Rossi. The video recounts Rossi’s own life story, the struggles as a queer artist and the difficulties in expressing his identity.

There were some bets on whether this would be one of the most significant EPs of the last quarter of this year and Elderbrook didn’t let the bar down. What are your thoughts on this album? Listen to all four tracks below and let us know.

Image Credit: Elderbrook (via Facebook)