Justin Bieber, TroyBoi

Justin Bieber & TroyBoi release highly anticipated collaboration ‘Red Eye’: Listen

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Just over seven months later and megastar Justin Bieber has returned to drop his updated version of theJustice’ album featuring icons such as Skrillex, Virtual Riot, and many more. Officially releasing the complete edition with three new songs, his collaboration with TroyBoi is definitely music to our ears as they have teamed up for “Red Eye.” Throwing it back to Justin Bieber’s official Instagram story announcing an exclusive bonus track with the one and only TroyBoi, it was only a matter of time before TroyBoi and Justin Bieber’s worlds came together for a special single on the highly-anticipated album. While both TroyBoi and Justin Bieber have had a remarkable year already in terms of career accomplishments and releases, this vibrant and undeniably bouncy collaboration is the cherry on top.

Launching off with Justin Bieber’s classic vocals and uplifting chimes which bounce at a slow tempo, a backdrop of drum claps flow immaculately with Bieber’s breathtaking vocals. Now, when you hear the letters “T.R.O.Y.B.O.I,” you know it is going to be a full-out vibe for this one. As TroyBoi drops those filthy snares and traps instrumentals for us to break it down on the dancefloor, the bounce to this track is highly addictive. A true “O.G” who is definitely not new to the game, TroyBoi’s grimey production style and not to mention humble personality is the reason why so many of us respect this one-of-a-kind producer. Always enjoying the process of crafting masterpieces, if there is one producer who portrays the vibe he is feeling through his music production it is definitely TroyBoi. Be sure to stay up to date with both Justin Bieber and TroyBoi as they continue to make their mark in the music industry.

Listen to “Red Eye” from Justin Bieber and TroyBoi below and let us know what you think in the comments.




Image Credits: Justin Bieber (via Facebook), TroyBoi (via Facebook)

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