Kid Vincent

Kid Vincent releases electric new track ‘All The Little Things’ from new EP: Listen

A true star on the rise, Germany’s very own multifaceted Kid Vincent has released another new treat for fans, this time in the form of ‘All The Little Things‘ taken from his new EP ‘Restart (The Dance).’

Easing listeners into a cinematic, smooth listening experience from the get go, ‘All The Little Things’ offers a soulful and deep vocal from the hands of Ryan Lucas, which carries on through the entire track. More than just a groovy dance track, this one has layers to it, inviting listeners to push the repeat button the uncover all the little details that are found within. Adding a fresh coat of paint to his ever-growing discography, Kid Vincent has struck the perfect balance of creating a dance track, but one that has soul and emotion stitched into the seams which are bursting with raw talent.

‘All The Little Things’ is taken from the brand new EP release ‘Restart (The Dance)’ which features two other unique anthems. Ignoring the limitations of genres and giving listeners that club feeling that has been missing from daily life for so long now, Kid Vincent elevates his sound and gives it a new edge with ‘All The Little Things’ and the other tracks waiting to be discovered within the EP. With this release, the sky is the limit for the producer and more brilliant releases and opportunities can be expected from him in the near future.

For now, listen to ‘All The Little Things’ below, and stream the EP here.

Image credit: Silvan Griffith

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