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Kid Vincent talks new EP ‘Restart (The Dance)’ and future plans: Interview

Germany’s freshest export Kid Vincent is someone who has been rising further and further within the electronic scene lately, armed with a fresh sound and and a unique perspective on how to cook up massive hits. From ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall‘ to his new EP ‘Restart (The Dance‘, Kid Vincent has shown a diverse sound and we sat down with him to find out about his creation process, his new EP and what’s next for him.

Congratulations on your new EP ‘Restart (The Dance)’! This must be an exciting moment for you to see it released into the world. How does it feel?

Every new release is exciting. Especially when it comes to first feedback, do they like it or not? And as this is my first EP including multiple tracks, it’s even more thrilling.


How long had you been working on the EP for and what was the creation process like?

Me and my production fellas are permanently writing and producing songs, so I can’t exactly tell when the creative process started. Sometimes we finish tracks within a week, sometimes they go back to the drawer where they remain for months until someone has the final idea to finish it.


Compared to creating a single release, was making this EP a lot different than just making one song?

I think the most crucial difference between producing an EP and a song is the fact that a collection of songs covers a lot of different styles and influences, an EP is more of a résumé up to now.


How did you decide on the tracks to put in the EP? Was there a large selection process of tracks that you had previously made or did you curate these three tracks with an EP in mind specifically?

That happened off the top of our heads, to be honest, as said, it’s kind of vital to represent a broad variety of styles and I think these four tracks splendidly do so.

Image credit: Paul Popanda


What would you like fans to take away from ‘Restart (The Dance)’? How would you like for it to make them feel when they’re listening to it?

First and for all I want them to just have a good time when they play those tracks, as simple as that. Sure, it sounds a little corny but art just should create emotions and just like any other artist I’d like people to connect with my music, whatsoever.


Before this EP, you had also released the single ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall’ which received an incredible response from fans worldwide. How does it feel to receive that kind of support and can you tell us about the story behind the track?

I’m sincerely grateful for any kind of support, that can’t be taken for granted. I always loved that life-affirming vibe of the original track that came out back in the 80s, but I wanted to strip the whole track down to its essential core which, to me, is the chorus, so I throw the rest overboard, verses, bridges, and, well, the saxophone part!


What other plans are in store for you for the remainder of 2021? Can you give us any hints for upcoming projects that you’re working on?

No breather. We’re just in the middle of writing and producing and hope to come out with fresh and exciting new stuff as soon as possible. On top of that, I’m happy to be back in the DJ booth again, so, finally there’s something going on again and what other word than “restart” could describe this more accurately?

‘Restart (The Dance)’ is out now, and you can listen to it below.

Image credit: Silvan Griffith

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