Merchant releases eerie new single ‘Seven Days’: Listen

Merchant, a faceless figure described as the “rogue survivor in the sands of time” is back to deliver us the second piece of his three-track EP.  Titled ‘Seven Days’, the latest release from the masked moniker throws us straight into the deep end with eerie piano chords that drag us deep into his world.  The added distortion to the vocal makes the narrator feel damaged, ringing true to the theme of the track, and the bassline grabs a hold of us and drives the story home with crushing inevitability.

Following up his previous release of his EP ‘Beyond The Walls’, Merchant is back with a handful of new releases, his most recent being ‘Seven Days’.

Prior to the release of ‘Seven Days‘, Merchant left us hanging with his single ‘Murky Waters’, a melodic middle eastern-inspired track with notable percussive fills, and a bassline that carries you further down the track’s dark path. His latest release from the new EP is titledXerxes’, filled with Mediterranean percussion and distant hymns that draw us in and with a depth-defying Persian vocalist Pouyan Rad that brings new energy to the table and we’re met with a high-energy bass line.

Take a deeper dive into Merchant’s world and listen to ‘Seven Days’ on Spotify below:

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Image Credit: Press