'Amor Fati'

Mike Posner teams up with CLIF for the release of motion-powered single ‘Amor Fati’: Listen

With innovation a key element in the electronic dance industry and not only, GRAMMY-nominated singer/producer Mike Posner explores yet another unique way in the creation of music. Teaming up with CLIF and their ‘Let’s Move The World’ campaign, Posner has just premiered his latest track titled ‘Amor Fati.’

Creating an experience like no other, listeners will be able to unlock new elements of music with every move they make. With CLIF’s unique technological advances, fans alike will be able to not only listen to this latest track, but through moving around and being active, their phone will be presenting remixes of ‘Amor Fati,’ through the use of an accelerometer.

In turn, this latest initiative has been set out in order to encourage music fans to dance or exercise, and at the same time be rewarded with the musical genius of this multi-faceted artist. With CLIF’s Remix In Motion platform, Posner has found the perfect opportunity at implementing the message behind his latest song, as ‘Amor Fati’ is the Latin translation for “love of fate.”

Following the incredible feat of scaling Mount Everest, ‘Amor Fati’ marks Posner’s return at releasing music. Reaching the summit of Earth’s highest mountain above sea level just further showcases the artist’s strength and will-power to carry on, with the climb being dedicated to his late father and good friend Avicii, as well as for the raising of funds for the Detroit Justice Center.

Celebrating the importance of music and movement with this latest track, you can try out CLIF’s Remix In Motion feature with Mike Posner’s ‘Amor Fati’ by heading to clifremixinmotion.com. With the feature only available on smartphones, listeners will be undertaking a test run in order to ensure that their movement is adequate enough, before then moving onto the full listening experience.

Image Credit: Mike Posner (via Facebook)

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