Innellea Monolinl Under Dark

Monolink and Innellea share exclusive live performance to celebrate ‘Under Dark’ remix: Watch

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Monolink and Innellea have been on a roll this year and now they combine forces in an incredible exclusive life performance to accompany the release of Monolink’s ‘Under Dark‘ rework by Innellea. The stunning remix is out now, via Embassy One.

The multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalist Monolink has been permanently in the headlines, especially since the announcement of his sophomore album ‘Under Darkening Skies‘. Released in June this year, the 12-piece masterpiece displays not only the German artist’s signature sound but his true colours. One of the melodic pearls from this heartfelt album is ‘Under Dark’ which now earns a new interpretation by Innellea.

The Munich live act has stood out in the realm of melodic techno for his refreshing approach to sound. Whether in his atmospheric sets, intricate originals or the various heavyweight remixes he has released, Innellea spreads his contemporary magic like no other. Now, he delivers a hypnotic and spine-chilling rendition of the masterpiece ‘Under Dark’.

This remix literally takes you under dark, as Innellea makes it even more underground and club-focused. With exquisite skill, the remix preserves the driving of Monolink by adorning it with the characteristic elements of Innellea’s productions. You can recognise the dish, but the dressing is totally different. It is the perfect union of the sonorities of these two brilliant artists that expose the complete compatibility of concepts. The original beat serves as the lead, as the brilliant synths wrap themselves around it, thickening the melody. The vocals echo and become integral to the other elements, complementing the frenetic, intertwined dance between the keys and guitar strings. The cavernous tone takes you on a dense and deep journey as the bright hi-hat rhythm emerges from your dream. The sounds coil around and around you, inviting you into a levitating dance that leaves you in an almost trance-like state. It is without a doubt an elegant, beautiful and highly hypnotic dance cut.

To make this release even more special, the talents of these two live performers pair up in an exclusive live performance celebrating ‘Under Dark’. Set against a backdrop that seems to have been designed for the purpose, the video was captured in a secret warehouse in Berlin, where the bare walls turn your attention solely to the wonderful soundscape. A raw, industrial setting framed Innellea’s synthesisers and Monolink’s piercing vocals. Check this magic performance below:


Image credit: press