Freedom Parades

Polish techno parades are immortalised in new book ‘Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź’

Bartłomiej Kluska has written a book about the history of Łódź’s techno parades and the importance of the city as an epicentre of some dance music subgenres in the 90s. Łódź was an important focal point for dance lovers and served as an important hub for many styles like drum & bass, breaks and happy hardcore. True artistic liberation was experienced at the annual Freedom Parades (Wolności Parade) which ran religiously between 1996 and 2002. Geared towards techno and other underground styles, the event attracted around 25,000 music lovers every year. The famed marches were permanently banned from Łódź by Jerzy Kropiwnicki, a conservative mayor who is now part of Poland’s Law and Justice party.

Over its 120 pages, ‘Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź‘ uncovers the history of techno parades, their legacy and all the main players in these events, which, despite their short life span, were of the utmost relevance for the Polish scene and the industry. Łódź as a hub for dance music subgenres and as an underground centre is another theme explored in the book which contains interviews with the main players in these events, from artists to promoters. Press cuttings and the author’s vivid memories of these events help turn this book into a time capsule back to the 90s and resurrect the spirit of the Polish Łódź parades.

‘Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź’ is out now and copies can be purchased through a Polish outlet here. Relive the Freedom Parades vibe in the video below and happy reading!

Image credits: Parada Wolności – Parade of Freedom (via Facebook)