Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine delivers a love letter to the ’80s on his sophomore album ‘Exotica’

Germany-based producer Purple Disco Machine delivers his sophomore album to the world and it is so much more than what you could have dreamed of. ‘Exotica‘, out now via Sweat It Out, is the successor to ‘Soulmatic‘, Purple Disco Machine’s 2017 debut album and is a devout and heartfelt tribute to the 80s and all the great artists that have influenced him over time.

Purple Disco Machine is the reincarnation of disco with a modern twist. His productions are true time travel, exalting the energy, joy, and dance power of the most nostalgic times. Listening to the originals or the remixes of this prestigious artist turns any place into a classic disco and your feet start dancing.

For his sophomore album, Purple Disco Machine trawled through his musical influences, exposing the raw origins of his musicality that waddle between UK synth-pop, Italo-disco styles, and funk. The stars that inspired him to become the magnificent producer he is today shine through as much as the 14 tracks on ‘Exotica’, where traces of George Michael, Quincy Jones, and of course Prince, whose name Purple Disco Machine is in itself a tribute to this immortal artist, are evident.

Hypnotized‘ with Sophie and the Giants, ‘Fireworks‘ featuring Moss Kena & The Knocks, ‘Playbox‘ and ‘Dopamine‘ featuring Eyelar, were the singles from the album to be released in advance. The many millions of streams they have added so far are solid proof that this album is already a success. The album is undoubtedly remarkable for its varied and valuable collaborations and funky and groovy vibes. The album opens with ‘Can’t Get Enough‘ featuring the vocals from Sahara Beck, and that’s what you’ll say when you get to the end. Make way for a dancefloor incendiary, as ‘At The Disko‘ is a fiery collaboration with Lorenz Rhodes.’Don’t Stop‘ expresses Purple Disco Machine DNA in all its splendor, while title track ‘Exotica‘ featuring Mind Enterprises offers a delicious cosmic journey. Superstar Italian underground producer Francesca Lombardo sprinkles her club magic on the charismatic track ‘Loneliness‘ and renowned phenomenon Elderbrook joins Purple Disco for the melodic and passionate ‘I Remember‘. After sensual, saucy notes and even the divine vocals of a gospel choir, the album closes softly. ‘Wanna Feel Like A Lover‘ is a heartfelt move that features Ed Mac and embodies a homage to 80s flair.

Purple Disco Machine didn’t play it safe, but it played it well. He opened up his musical soul and sectioned it into 14 potent dance pieces that promise to cement his stardom. Listen to this masterpiece below:

Image credit: Purple Disco Machine (via Facebook)