Robyn gives voice to Smile’s new single ‘Call My Name’: Listen

Pop superstar Robyn has linked up with Swedish duo Smile in their latest releaseCall My Name’. The energetic pop tune will appear on Smile’s upcoming album ‘Phantom Island’, set to be released on November 19, via Chimp Limbs/Ingrid.

Smile is the name of the side project from Swedish producers Joakim Åhlund and Peter Bjorn and John’s Björn Yttling. For Åhlund, this was not a first-time collaboration, as the artist wrote and produced part of Robyn’s 2005 album ‘Robyn’ and 2010 ‘Body Talk’. About teaming up with Smile, Robyn said in a press release that:

‘I love singing ‘Call My Name’ and it was a true pleasure to record it and rave around in this beautiful song together with Joakim and Björn.’

‘Call My Name’ had been on Smile’s table for some time. Robyn’s vocals were the missing piece of the puzzle to kick-start it to the release tables, as Joakim Åhlund mentions:

‘We’ve had the song knocking about for quite some time, but when Robyn sang it, she really lifted it to another level, her vocal is just packed with so much emotion.’

‘Call My Name’ emanates infectious energy, having been designed to lift the spirit. The vocal arrangement backed by guitar lines gives it a vintage flavour, much in the style of 90s high school shuffling pop. It’s a song with few layers, easy to digest and efficient in the vibes it aims to spread. The piano and the drums are exquisitely arranged, imparting an uplifting and comforting melody and rhythm. On the meaning of the track, Yttling added that:

‘‘Call My Name’ is a quite simple song about unconditional love, and the will to try and protect the one you love from a chaotic and threatening outside world.”

Listen to Robyn and Smile’s collaborative single on the visualiser below:

Image credit: Robyn (via Facebook)