Stephan Bodzin paints musical pictures in new album ‘Boavista’: Listen

Techno mastermind Stephan Bodzin has presented fans with the long-awaited album ‘Boavista‘. The 17-tracks LP is Bodzin’s first studio album since 2015 and is now available via his own imprint Herzblut Recordings.

Doing what you like, how you like it, is a precious thing that is not accessible to everyone. That is if you’re not Stephan Bodzin. The German producer is one of the most innovative players on the techno circuit, having, throughout his giant career, maintained a posture of constant search for the new and different. Stephan Bodzin’s ageless creativity makes him the creator of one of the most unique sounds on the scene. His herculean performances with megalomaniac setups immortalise him as one of the most recognisable phenomena behind the decks. In the studio, he is equally unstoppable. It’s been a long time since the producer last released an album, but we assure you it’s been well worth the wait.

The pandemic affected the whole industry and artists across the board, but for Bodzin, the music didn’t stop. Taking advantage of the studio time offered by an empty gig schedule, the techno titan decided to dig through his personal archives while enjoying some time in Brazil. From his amalgam of hidden treasures, the Herzblut boss selected 25 of his unfinished tunes, from which came the 17 tracks that form ‘Boavista‘. This collection comes to you in the style of Stephan Bodzin, full of meaningful cuts, wrapped in feelings. Each of the tracks tells a different story, arouses particular emotions and each one has a little bit of Bodzin in it. The album is brilliant and is probably one of the most impactful works of the last quarter of 2021. The expontaneous character of this artist allows each song to have an absolutely unique personality, without any stereotypes, and ‘Boasvista’ is an authentic Noah’s ark, filled with the most beautiful specimens of the melodic world.

Inspired by the four elements, ‘Earth‘ is the voice of the planet, nature and all things. This track is like a heavy heartbeat, a beat embellished by bright synthesis and a caressing melody. The element of water also reappears on ‘River‘, and here the soundscape is less suffering and intense, it’s more uplifting and energising. It is truly the invigorating power of water. 3,2,1 take off! ‘Astronautin’, ‘Dune‘ and ‘Cooper Station‘ are dense odes to the cosmos and galactic sounds.  These three tunes take you into a parallel, otherworldly dimension where the power of sound commands the mind. They are mesmerising and brilliant. ‘Infinite Monkey‘ and ‘Isaac‘ are two bass-driven pearls that consume you from within, warming you up like a tender embrace. They are heartfelt and powerful, two screaming messages without saying a single word. ‘LLL‘ is calm and delicate and exudes Stephan Bodzin’s musical signature. The buoyant, levitating melody conveys incredible serenity while exuding a sure-footed rhythm. ‘Breathe‘ and ‘Nothing Like You‘ are two vocal-driven cuts that showcase Luna Semara‘s glorious voice. If you like striking piano pieces, listen to ‘Rose‘ now and if you need some miracle medicine to heal your soul, close your eyes and play ‘Ataraxia‘.

It’s very difficult to put into words the intricate narratives that Stephan Bodzin has designed in each of the tracks of ‘Boavista’, so the best thing is to listen to the album from beginning to end.

Image credit: Stephan Bodzin (via Facebook)