100-year-old grandmother of radio DJ reveals impressive electronic music taste

Worldwide FM DJ Helfetica took her 100-year-old grandmother on air to discuss her opinions on modern electronic music and even her favourite records.

On the airwaves, we came to realise that electronic music defies age boundaries as Helfetica’s centenarian grandmother (referred to as “OB“) shared her passion for electronic music recently. Alongside her interest in electronic music she still shows a great interest in jazz, and those two worlds converge in what she revealed to be her favourite record; the irresistible Floating Points and Pharaoh Sanders collaboration entitled “Movement 1.” 

Furthermore, OB recently fell fond of Northern Irish, electronic duo Bicep, especially their 2012 record, “You”. That and “Meli I” from their recent album featured on the shows track-list as the 100-year-old curated some of her favourite music for the radio. Playing over 23 tracks across the show, the list also included a track from one, Danny Howard.

In one of the most memorable moments of the interview, Helfetica delclared:

“If OB was not born in 1921, she would absolutely be a raver”.

Let’s all hope we can live to enjoy our favourite electronic tunes until we are 100-years-old like OB. What a remarkable woman!

You can listen back to the Worldwide FM show here.


Image Credit: Worldwide FM

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