Agoria unleashes cinematic new album ‘.dev’: Listen

Nearly two months after the announcement of his fifth LP, Sebastien Devaud aka Agoria fulfils the prophecy and now shares ‘.dev‘ via his imprint Sapiens. The album comes after the previously known singles ‘What if the dead dream‘, ‘What if midday was at midnite‘, and also ‘What if earth would turn faster‘.

Agoria’s artistic vein does not only lean towards electronic music production or DJing but also navigates the visual arts in conjunction with technology. This renowned French polymath is an artist in the fullest sense of the word, exploring art as his primary form of communication. As such, ‘.dev’ is available on vinyl, digital formats, and in an AI player created by ARCA and Jai Paul collaborators Bronze.

The cinematic and eclectic nine tracks on this new album are drenched in boundless musicality. Uneven but forming an extremely cohesive whole, the pieces that make up ‘.dev’ explore various genres, with influences from house, techno, electro, hip hop, trap and beyond. Each track carries the essence of Agoria and his elegant sonic signature while allowing the identity of each of the featured artists to flow. From the star-studded list of collaborations, we find Blasé and STS, appearing again on this release after being featured on ‘Drift’, Agoria’s previous album on Sapiens. Ela Minus, Rome Fortune, and flamenco innovator Niño de Elche are the remaining stars that accompany Agoria on this kaleidoscopic journey.

Conceptually, the album exposes some questions that the producer asks himself and seeks to answer through music, creating his own realities out of them. Effectively, the LP is full of wacky ‘What ifs’ that have resulted in some truly sonic works of art. Discover each of the nine tracks on ‘.dev’ below:

Image Credit: Bruno Rizzato