Alan Walker’s album ‘World of Walker’ melds an epic tale through the songs: Listen

Alan Walker’s highly anticipated new album ‘World of Walker’ has finally dropped!  The release of the British-Norwegian Dj and producer’s second studio album boasted a preview trailer on YouTube announcing the release that foreshadowed more exciting news. ‘World of Walker’ offers 15 tracks including ones that have been previously released since as early as 2019 like ‘Alone Pt. II’ featuring Ava Max. More recent works include World We Used to Know with Winona Oak and the most recent single released on the same day of the album itself is a collaboration with Benjamin Ingrosso titled ‘Man on the Moon.’  On his Facebook page Alan posted,

‘World of Walker OUT NOW! I’ve been waiting to say that for so long. I can’t believe the album is finally here. Incredibly grateful to be able to work with such talented artists and also Walkers on making all of this happen! To make it even more special, I have teamed up with Spotify, so keep an eye out for the Enhanced album. Thank you everyone who has been a part of this project with me’

Just after the announcement on his Facebook page Spotify made available, Alan Walker presents World of Walker, the Enhanced Album.‘  With much more to offer than a playlist, the enhanced album takes listeners on a journey through the songs and includes short story video snippets that meld together what Walker has envisioned. Through the use of his music videos Walker has been giving a glimpse into what has now been revealed with the enhanced album to tell an epic tale of the discovery of an advanced distant civilization, the Ancient Walkers and decoding their connection to modern day humanity.

You can catch Alan on tour now. For performance dates and ticket purchase information you can visit his website here.

Listen to ‘World of Walker’ below!

Image Credit: Alan Walker (via Facebook)

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