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ARTBAT untether new melodic masterpiece entitled ‘Horizon’: Listen

ARTBAT have followed up the successful first release on their new record label UPPERGROUND, with their new single ‘Horizon’.

Continuing where they left off in August with ‘Flame’ (the first release on their newly launched imprint), the masterful Ukrainian duo ARTBAT are seeking more success with its label follow-up ‘Horizon’. The new single arrives a melodic masterpiece, complete with every meticulous element we’ve come to expect from the production pair and more. Upon first listen, you begin to envision how this would look, feel and sound in a live festival/club setting as a rumbling low end of crisp percussion and bass is met by light, airy, space-filling synth-work throughout. ‘Horizon’ is set to take its listeners on an unprecedented journey, with the 8-minute showpiece sure to see heavy rotation as the duo continue to spin their mesmerising records around the world

Having been working on music together for over 5 years now, Artur and Batish had released on countless different respected record labels, but felt like 2021 was the time in which to form their own in UPPERGROUND. A platform on which to continue pursuing their refreshing dance music vision, the new label will be sure to draw out more of the unique, innovative and forward thinking sounds we have come to know and love them for in recent years.

Check out the latest ARTBAT release, ‘Horizon’, in all its melodic glory below!

Image Credit: ARTBAT Facebook

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