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Avi Sic talks about her main inspirations, her mix show residency and more: Interview

With a career spanning for close to two decades now, Avi Sic is the personification of an artist that has dedicated her life to mastering her craft. Production comes easy to this multi-faceted artist, with her sound constantly evolving as time progresses. Combining bass house, melodic house and trap with elements of hip hop and funk, Avi Sic has been blessing fans alike with each of her releases. Maintaining a busy schedule is no easy task, however, her presence within our community is enhanced on the daily, as she performs over 300 shows a year at a variety of venues. A genuine asset for this industry, Avi Sic has gained the attention and respect of the entertainments’ field’s elite, as she has shared the stage with the likes of Calvin Harris, Diplo, Cardi B, Doja Cat, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Lil Jon, RL Grime, and Gryffin when naming only a few. Further enhancing her already impressive repertoire, Avi Sic became the first female DJ in Chicago to hold down a mix residency for IHEARTRADIO and KISS FM, in addition to her being the official concourse DJ for the NBA’s Chicago Bulls. A true inspiration for many, here at We Rave You we could not be any happier and excited to have caught up with this amazing woman, as she talks about the main inspirations behind her career pathway, being mentored by Lady Gaga’s Grammy winning producer, her mix show residency, working with corporate brands and more.

Hello! Could you give us an insight on what or who inspired you to follow a career as a DJ/producer, and on whether music production has always been your one true passion?

For sure! I was always interested in making music. As a kid I used to play ‘band’ with my friends instead of playing house or with toys. I learned several instruments and in high school I started DJing. I would watch DJ VHS tapes like QBert, Z-Trip, Mix Master Mike, Beatjunkies, etc to learn the art of DJing. Production software as we know it today wasn’t a thing back then (showing my age lol) but garage band had just come out and I would make music that way.

Having further developed your skills under Lady Gaga’s Grammy winning producer, could you let us know about the overall feeling of working with a producer of such caliber, and what were the key points that you took away and implemented in your own sound?

Back then I definitely had a big drive and was thrilled that he saw something in me and wanted to mentor me. I was new to Chicago. I was able to start DJing at A-list spots in the city opening up for him and his network. He linked up with LG towards the end of the time that we worked together, so he wasn’t as established yet either, but I did take away a lot of information. Not just producer/DJ tips and tricks but also began to learn the business side of the music industry, which I would argue, was the most important. Electro dance and bloghouse were very big at the time so I definitely implemented that into my music. I still do. I love the sound of dirty synths.


Avi Sic

Image Credit: Avi Sic (Press)


Performing with some of the biggest names in the dance scene, and on the biggest of stages must be an experience like no other. Could you give us an overview on how such performances have helped shape you as an artist?

It’s an amazing feeling to play a big stage; I take none of it for granted. When I reflect, it’s been a long road to get to these places and a lot of work but I’m shaped by each experience good and bad.

Becoming the first female DJ/producer in Chicago to have a mix show residency for IHEARTRADIO and KISS FM must be something your are super proud of! Have you always set out to achieve the highest of goals, and how significant has it been for you in gaining such a platform to showcase your talent?

Yes I definitely hold myself to high standards. Being female in this industry has both pro’s and con’s. On one end I do feel like I’ve had to work extra hard to prove myself but on the other hand it’s been great having an identity that immediately makes you different. Radio was a great experience. Immediately your audience opens up. I remember being in a cab on many occasions late at night and my show would be playing. Most times I’d be too shy to say oh hey that’s me lol. But it felt great.


Avi Sic (Press)

Image Credit: Avi Sic (Press)


With close to two decades of experience in the electronic dance industry, could you give us an insight on the highs and lows that you may have faced, and what type of advice would you give to the younger generation of producers looking to follow a similar career pathway as you once did?

I would say keep at it. If it really is your passion, don’t get discouraged. For every 20 no’s that you hear you will get a major yes somewhere. And even if it’s not the end result you want, it’s a building block and eventually you will get there. Believe in yourself and others will follow. Also, do the work. Better your craft everyday. It won’t go unnoticed.

Working with leading brands such as NIKE, RED BULL, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and the NBA when naming a few, could you let us know the significance behind such recognition, and how each brand may have helped promote your sound on a global scale?

I love working with corporate brands. Obviously the names are a great thing to be able to promote but the parties and ideas behind the activation’s, etc are on another level. Working with the NBA has been great. I am the official concourse DJ for the Chicago Bulls, and that team carries a name like no other. Everyone knows Michael Jordan so definitely it’s been a great addition to my accolades.

Performing over 300 shows a year further enhances your presence within our community. Do you ever feel under pressure when working on a daily basis, and how much of an impact has COVID-19 had on your busy schedule?

Great question. It’s sometimes hard to juggle playing a lot of live DJ sets and also making time for production. Add to that being able to set aside personal time. On occasion if it’s a big performance, yes of course I feel under pressure, but I have come to learn it’s temporary. Covid was crazy. I never thought everything you have worked for could just be gone the next day. Shows canceled for over a year, etc. I had to build a lot of new relationships and hold on to old ones once we were able to DJ live again. That added a bit more work in the beginning. In a way Covid was a positive eye opener, it was nice to have so much time to concentrate on music production and my personal life but I’m glad things are making a turn for live music to be allowed again. It felt like the movie Dirty Dancing.

With the world slowly returning to some sort of ‘normality,’ could you give as an insight on what’s next for Avi Sic in 2021, as well as any plans for 2022?

Yes, big things in store! I have a handful of awesome collaborations in the works as well as solo productions soon to be released. I have an upcoming single called ‘Love Yourself with TikTok star Raquel Reigns. Her vocals are unreal, really excited about this one. I have shows planned through the end of 2021 at the moment and everyday adding a bit more to my plate. I will be playing Pride In The Park Festival again next summer. Tiësto headlined last year so definitely looking forward to that announcement. UP AND UP!


Image Credit: Avi Sic (Press)

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