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Cercle has announced release of two compilation vinyl records

Cercle, the electronic digital events company known for placing DJs in insane locations around the world for stunning DJ sets, have recently announced that they are releasing physical vinyl record compilations of tracks that are “linked to Cercle shows or Cercle stories.”⎜COTON‘ & ‘⎜GRAPHITE‘ are both the first releases that see Cercle make the move from digital to vinyl, and is a huge move for the company. Hand crafting a tracklist of 15 tracks in total, the tracks chosen on each compilation are as follows:⎜COTON

White Desert – Ash

Ronda – Christian Löffler

Giza – Sébastien Léger

Sumidero – Parra for Cuva

Nopalitos – Kid Francescoli

Turning Away – Monolink

Nemrut – Be Svendsen⎜GRAPHITE

Glacier 3000 – Teho

Cappadocia – Ben Böhmer feat Romain Garcia

Aiguilhe – Joris Delacroix

Mont Saint Michel – Eelke Kleijn

Abu Simbel – WhoMadeWho

Lac de Soi – NTO

Nefertari – WhoMadeWho, Patrice Bäumel

Cenote – Sainte Vie

A stellar selection each with energy, melody and emotion, they say about this new venture:

“The 15 tracks in these 2 compilations are all linked to Cercle shows or Cercle Stories so it’s hard to portray so many life moments in only one post… In each compilation, you’ll find more details written by the Cercle team & the artists, and many other surprises.” – via Instagram 

To get your hands on these vinyl, you will have to register your interest through filling out this form here. Both records will be released on 6 December and will be expected to have high demand, selling quickly.


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