Covid restrictions in France lifted, no longer 75% capacity for nightclubs

There is good reason to be excited if you’re in France right now, who have just eased some critical Covid-19 restrictions for the music and events industry.

Nightclubs and indoor concerts were previously capped at a capacity of 75%, as well as limiting the number of attendees who could stand. Prodiss, the French live music association, were successful in their campaign against the French government to have these restrictions scrapped.

Prodiss organised a test concert in May this year alongside the Paris hospital AP-HP called Ambition Live Again, which according to its website, is:

‘An unprecedented experimental concert based on the scientific study promoted by the AP-HP, the aim of which is to assess the risks of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for COVID-19, during a large-scale concert in a standing configuration, not distanced, in a closed venue…The purpose of this study is to evaluate a specific health protocol for resuming concerts and festivals in a standing configuration, without being able to respect physical distancing.’

You can read more on the study here.

The concert was held at the Accor Arena which has a capacity of just over 20,000 people; French talent Etienne de Crécy and band Indochine were the only two artists for the night. Nicola Sirkis of Indochine gave an insight prior to their performance:

“We were offered to participate in this unprecedented scientific experiment and we immediately volunteered to give hope to all this cultural sector, public, artists, technicians, producers of shows and festivals affected, so that tours and concerts resume as before.
Indochine will play there on a voluntary basis, only the technicians will be paid.”

Despite these restrictions easing, face masks are still recommended for indoor shows and for the time being, proof of vaccination or a negative test are still required for attendees to enter shows and festivals.

This comes at a time where Covid cases are still continuing to rise across Europe. The Netherlands went into a three-week lockdown only last week, which has postponed many concerts. Not to mention that Austria have imposed a lockdown for citizens who are unvaccinated.

Artists such as D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Malaa and Tony Romera are set to perform in Paris in the coming weeks. Nonetheless, the easing of restrictions is a positive sign for the scene in France.


Image Credit: Eiffel Tower Paris, France

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