FabFilter Vulcano 3

FabFilter release new filter plugin, Volcano 3

As we all know, FabFilter’s arsenal of mixing & mastering tools is highly appreciated and recommended within the music industry. Renewed versions of their award winning plugins are being released every year. This time we will have a closer look at the newest version of Volcano, called FabFilter Volcano 3. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.


The 3rd generation of FabFilter’s filter plugin has been released, including a renewed GUI and new filters. At first sight, you’ll notice that the layout is completely different than its predecessor. The interface of Volcano 2 can be compared with the interface of Simplon, but that’s ancient history from this point on. You’ll be able to see the frequency spectrum of the incoming signal, resulting in a much clearer overview of what is happening. A total of 4 vintage filters have been included, together with flexible routing options and many non-linear filter Shapes such as the bell, notch, high/low shelf, and all-pass. For each filter point, you can add a drive, at which you can control the amount of filter saturation. A completely new option has been added to the filter slope, namely the 6 dB/oct filter slope option. Achieve better results while using the new High-Quality option, enabling a 4x oversampling mode. Its filter display can be resized to your likings, including an optional piano display.

A new design of modulation signals and a floating slot panel has been added. The modulation section brings you endless modulation options while using MIDI sources, XY controllers, the 16-step XLFO’s, envelope followers, and envelope generators. Furthermore, FabFilter updated its preset library with the possibility to use presets from earlier Volcano versions. The overall sound quality of the feedback, saturation, and filters have been upgraded. Standard features such as mid/side modes, undo/redo and A/B are still available.

FabFilter’s Volcano 3 is available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and Audio Suite formats. It’s currently for sale at a price of $129.


Have a look at the new filter plugin down below:

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Image Credits: FabFilter

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