Four Tet accuses former label of removing three previous albums from streaming services

In the latest producer versus record label “legal battle,” Four Tet has just accused Domino Records of removing three of his albums from the streaming services. Having sued his former label over historical and streaming loyalties back in August, the UK based DJ/producer has now taken to his social media accounts, and Twitter in particular, where he described the current situation as “heartbreaking,” as people are now unable to stream his three albums ‘Pause,’ ‘Rounds,’ and ‘Everything Ecstatic.’

In a series of tweets, Four Tet makes a clear statement on the treatment that artists in the dance industry face when it comes to “how the money is being shared,” and that “its time for artists to be able to ask for a fairer deal.” Visibly upset by Domino Records and their current stance towards him, the producer emphasizes on the significance of his music to him and his fans, as he goes on to make a clear point on how “Domino own 3 of my albums forever,” with him having no control whatsoever on the current matter of the issue.

With artists in the dance scene facing or expected to face similar issues, there seems to be some sort of pattern surrounding the stance of either side, with radical measures seemingly the only solution towards the matter. Set to appear at the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice early next year, Four Tet will be seeking a legal judgement of a 50% royal rate, with Domino Records having previously provided the producer with only 18% royalty rates, despite Four Tet requesting a “fair rate” of 50%.

With these latest accusations a clear message of change needed, you can check out Four Tet’s tweets in full detail below. What is your stance on such issues in the dance scene? Let us know in the comments section.

Image Credit: Burak Cingi


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