Joris Voorn releases phenomenal remake of The Tellurians’ 1992 classic ‘The Navigator’: Listen

Dutch DJ and producer Joris Voorn is an absolute staple of the music scene in his home country of The Netherlands as well as representing underground Techno and House on the global stage, with unforgettable original tracks the likes of “Ringo” as well as high-profile remixes for The Weeknd, Dua Lipa and more. He now returns with an impeccable remake of the 1992 Dutch classic and monumental global hit “The Navigator” by The Tellurians which is out now.

Joris Voorn’s “The Navigator” remake is phenomenal, the DJ has been secretly teasing the track for a while now during his live sets, the song truly took centre stage when it was played during his sold-out Gashouder Awakenings show at Amsterdam Dance Event last month. With the original by The Tellurians being released almost 30 years ago, Joris Voorn perfectly brings the classic into modern times adding deeper tones, a slower bpm and extra added bass. The result is a perfect underground tech-house track that peaks our nostalgia and is guaranteed to be loved by not only fans of the genre but also people who love the original version. Joris Voorn talks about why the remake came to be when he states:

“The original Navigator track by the Tellurians was made way before my time (1992), but I got to know the track through the X-Trax remix EP a few years later. The iconic rave alarm sound in combination with the pitched down vocal really stood out and gave the track it’s cult status.

A few years back I made a remix of the track using just the rave alarm and original ‘navigator’ vocal sample, it worked great on the dance floor even though I doubt anyone would have recognised the original track. For my Global Underground mix CD from 2020, I completely remade all the parts, and this is the version that we released today.”

Joris Voorn’s remake of “The Navigator” is out now on his own label Spectrum Records, make sure to check out the phenomenal remake for yourself on Spotify below and let us know what you think.



Image Credit: Martin Sweers

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