KSHMR, Tungevaag

KSHMR teams up with Tungevaag for latest single ‘Close Your Eyes’: Listen

Dance-pop fans across the industry are all set to be amazed by the infectious tune ‘Close Your Eyes,’ which has been harnessed by the immense expertise of the iconic record producer KSHMR who has joined forces with the incredibly talented Norwegian star Tungevaag. Having released his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Harmonica Andromeda‘ earlier this year, KSHMR has been on a roll in 2021, blessing our playlists with some evergreen tunes and thunderous live acts.

Presenting KSHMR’s characteristic ethnic elements combined with some soothing vocals and catchy dance-pop rhythms, ‘Close Your Eyes’ also gives us a taste of Tungevaag’s signature sounds, making it one hell of a collaboration. Having written this track during the covid pandemic, the artists have finally decided to bring it out on Dharma Worldwide, building upon the legacy of the label in the process. Here’s what the label owner had to say about his latest single –

Tungevaag and I have been trying to make a song for a long time. When he sent me the vocal for ‘Close Your Eyes’ I knew it was the one, and I tried so many ideas for the production. It didn’t feel quite right until we added the flute; that was the eureka moment for me, the moment it felt like a KSHMR song mixed with Tungevaag’s signature touch.

Be sure to check out ‘Close Your Eyes’ by KSHMR and Tungevaag below –


Image Credits: KSHMR (via Facebook), Tungevaag (via Facebook)

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