New documentary based on the birth and rise of rave culture opens Crowdfunding page

A brand new documentary about the rise of rave culture as well as skyrocketing popularity and beginnings of Acid House has been given a crowdfunder to try and aid its completion. Titled ‘All We Wanna Do Is Dance’ the documentary promises never before seen footage from musical centric locations the likes of Manchester, Ibiza, London and Chicago and over 60s interviews from legends from a whole spectrum within the music industry such as Trax Records A&R Marshall Jefferson, the sadly since passed acid DJ Colin Faver, and the infamous Carl Coxwith the whole movie narrated by one of house music greatest vocalists and front runner for Chicago based Fingers Inc., Robert Owens.

All We Wanna Do Is Dance is many things: a high-octane music movie, a unique social history documentary and even an adventure story crammed with madcap characters, rebels and outcasts. But more than anything else, it’s a tale about ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. – Crowdfunding creators discussing the project.

The documentary has been completely created and funded thus far by Gordon Mason, whose passion and drive has meant the entire project is finished. The Crowdfunder has been opened to help with licensing and upfront costings and clearances of the documentary’s 56 song soundtrack with the current goal being £25,000.

“the music clearance budget is large, although this is offset against some frugal archive clearances and low post-production expenses”

You can pledge to the All We Wanna Do Is Dance crowdfunding page here, which offers many rewards such as posters and t-shirts that feature the documentary’s art that was designed by renowned clubland artist Mark Wigan. The page also contains a trailer for the documentary and after watching if you want to learn more you can check out All We Wanna Do Is Dance’s official Instagram page here.


Image Credit: happymag.tv

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