Nile Rodgers reveals desire of unveiling unreleased Avicii collaborations

No matter the amount of time that may pass, the tragic loss of Avicii created a void within our community that will never be filled. Leaving a lasting legacy behind, each Avicii release has helped shape the course of electronic music, with the genius mind of the Swedish icon embraced at every given opportunity, through an array of gems which were left behind to bless our day to day to life.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in music, Avicii was the personification of an artist whose talent was so natural, it would seem effortless for him to create one hit single after the other. One of the many artists that had the pleasure of working with Avicii, was no other than famed guitarist and singer/songwriter Nile Rodgers. With Rodgers co-writing Avicii’s single ‘Lay Me Down,’ it became more than evident that their musical chemistry had led to the creation of something special.

Following the passing of Avicii, Rodgers revealed that the duo had recorded at least 10 tracks together, as a bittersweet feeling would emerge at the thought of unreleased music between the two existing to this very day. With this said, only recently Rodgers appeared on Norwegian/Swedish television talk show Skavlan, where he revealed that many never-before-heard musical ideas between the two multi-talented artists exist, and which he would like to release with the blessing of Avicii’s family and estate.

With an abundance of unreleased music between the two, Rodgers further revealed that he would be more than happy to mix the tracks that they recorded if that was ever asked of him from Avicii’s family, and at the same time made clear that he would not be interested in working on any music that he didn’t have a part on. In further detail, Rodgers had the following to say;

“I love Tim. We wrote a lot. I used to say—and I’ve said this many times—that if you put Tim and I in a room together for one week, we could write the entire top ten. I mean, that’s how talented he was. He was a natural melody writer. Even though he didn’t read music, he didn’t understand it technically, but for some reason, spiritually and artistically, he had a gift.”

A very special interview to say the least, make sure to check it out below. If ‘Lay Me Down’ is anything to go by, the collaborative vault of both is filled with an array of out of this world tracks, and only time will tell if we will be lucky enough to further witness the genius of both at work.


Image Credit: Benjamin Lozovsky/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (c) 2013 Shutterstock.

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