Wishful Thinking

Paul van Dyk & Kolonie raise the amperage in ‘Wishful Thinking’: Listen

Paul van Dyk returns to the release charts to make trance and progressive house fans’ wishes come true. ‘Wishful Thinking‘ is everything you could have wished for and more, delivering healing energy capable of curbing the uncertainties that seem to be looming over the industry again.

Trance legend Paul van Dyk is emanating new soundwaves and this new single is living proof of that. Fuelled by the power of the Berlin sound, the German DJ and music producer does not stand in the shadow of his magnificent repertoire and continues to develop his musicality. The pandemic heavily influenced all the artists on the electronic scene, and van Dyk was no exception. After months of isolation from the world he had known until then, Paul van Dyk returns more alive and direct than ever, ready to let an intense yet fresh sound flourish. ‘Wishful Thinking’ features the talented Kolonie and is a one-way ticket on a deep journey into the realm of van Dyk’s dark magic, now out via VANDIT Records.

The new single is a complex work played in four hands, where the contribution of both artists is quite visible. Eclectic, rich and dense, the track features the classic trance elements that Paul van Dyk so well knows how to orchestrate and a progressive groove, courtesy of Kolonie. Like a deep dive into the open sea, ‘Wishful Thinking’ is a refreshing leap into infinity, where introspection and euphoria meet. The angelic and ethereal whisper smooth the mesh making it an audible bliss. This intense tune was used in some of the German prodigy’s performances before its release and is sure to remain a must-see on van Dyk’s US tour.

To further spice up this release, the single drops in three different forms, which come across as distinct ways to consume this ‘Wishful Thinking’. The original version is fluid, limpid and crisp. The layers are solid, the melody is minimal and the vocal is incredibly angelic, transporting you to an enchanted realm where you can contemplate joy endlessly. The club mix unleashes the full signature sound of Paul van Dyk, spreading a tight and steady rhythm throughout the narrative. Full throttle, it takes you on a dynamic and unsettling journey that varies between a pulsating pace and a melodic sigh. The third version is an exclusive NFT mix, on which more information will soon be available.

Put on some comfortable shoes, turn up the volume and bring this ‘Wishful Thinking’ to life:

Image credit: Christoph Köstlin