PaulCam discusses latest track ‘Calabrisella’ his roots and more: Interview

Making his mark in the electronic dance industry one fire track at the time, PaulCam (real name Paolo Cammera) is the epitome of an artist that has dedicated his life into the pursuit of perfectly mastering his craft. Well-known for his eccentric synths and slamming basslines, the Italian-born DJ/producer has been blessing fans alike with his unique sound for the better part of a decade. With a desire to entertain, this multi-faceted artist has released an array of hits, with ‘Sabor‘ (featuring Joe Bertè, Adam Clay and Mr Don) and ‘El Caribe‘ being the prime examples of this artists’ undeniable talent. Touring the world and gracing the stages of some of the most elusive events and festivals, it is safe to say that PaulCam has well and truly left his own impact within our community. With this said, we could not be any happier and excited to have caught up with the man himself, as he discusses about his latest track ‘Calabrisella,’ the main inspirations behind this track and not only, the significance of following his roots with his latest release and more.

Hi PaulCam! With music a prominent aspect in your life, could you give us an insight on your main inspirations behind the career pathway you have chosen, as well as how long have you actively been producing your sound?

The love of music is my only source of inspiration! When I was only fourteen years old I became passionate about the world of djing, thus beginning my musical journey between study and work, initially professing in my hometown, then touring the Italian peninsula, even managing to perform abroad during the IMS events in Ibiza and the ADE in Amsterdam. During my musical journey, I felt the overwhelming desire to make my own music and that’s how I started to get interested and especially involved in the world of electronic music production. In 2018 my first track, ‘Smack,’ was released.

Well-known for the use of eccentric rhythms and slamming basslines in most of your releases, how significant is it for an artist such as yourself to transmit their passion for music into their productions?

For me, music is a source of life and certainly through my productions, sounds, arrangements and melodies that I create, I want to convey this message, so as to make the listener understand that to get to a certain goal you have to believe all the way, have a lot of tenacity without ever stopping, the obstacles will be many but the passion and love you put into it will always be rewarded.

Having released an array of hits, such as ‘Sabor’ and ‘El Caribe,’ could you give us an insight on the thought process behind each release, as well as an overview of the key elements that lead to the creation of certified hits?

Behind each of my projects there is a lot of work and sacrifice, it starts with a small idea that is thought through, pondered, analysed and finally developed to give light to the whole release. To create a hit there are so many steps and elements it would be a long time to explain them all, I can only say that you have to study a lot, especially the many factors and musical elements that surround us.



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Talking about certified hits, congratulations on the release of your latest single ‘Calabrisella!’ With the track destined for success, could you give us an insight on the main inspiration behind the song, and how significant is this production on a personal level to you?

I wanted to dedicate this latest release to my origins and above all to my beloved land, Calabria. At the basis of this project is the desire to represent this region in a positive light, in contrast to the unfortunately often negative narrative attributed to it, enhancing it through music. My musical contribution aims precisely to “bind” this message and convey it in an original and captivating way. I have dedicated part of my life to this track, it is the most important project I have done to date, I have put all of myself into it and I will always carry the beautiful memory of this wonderful work with me. I would like this song to become a real anthem to be resonated throughout the world, so that young people like me can understand that music, first and foremost, unites all the different peoples with harmony and that the traditions of their land are important and must always be carried in the heart, at the same time it must give a real jolt with explosions of emotion.

With elements of traditional Calabrian music, it is quite evident that you have gone back to your roots with ‘Calabrisella.’ How significant is it for artists to stay true to their traditions and values, and how challenging or not was it for you to implement your own sound with that of the past?

I believe that an artist should express his or her music according to his or her emotions and ideas, but it would also be nice if each of us could introduce parts of our roots, traditions and customs so that they could be spread through music and made known to the whole world. It was certainly a challenge to reintroduce a folk sound in an electronic key, rhythms and ‘triplet’ arrangements from the past made innovative. A new challenge that was right up my alley.

Besides from your love of releasing new music, touring the world and gracing various stages is part of your day to day life. Could you give us an insight on the impact that COVID-19 had on your schedule, and on whether the additional time presented to you impacted your production in a positive or negative way?

COVID-19 has obviously changed the lives of all of us human beings in every way. For me, the time in which the world “stopped” was partly beneficial, both from an organisational and a production point of view. I sort of tidied up my ideas, made my mind relax and recharge, it was that extra step that helped me to stimulate myself and above all to ‘throw myself headlong’ into new attractive projects, new musical challenges. At the same time, however, I missed the events, the audience and the emotions you feel when you get on stage tremendously and I lived every day with the hope that it would all be over soon.


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With the return of shows and festivals around the world, some sort of ‘normality; has appeared since the beginning of the pandemic. Could you give us a hint or two on any future projects that may be store, as well as any shows that may be coming up for PaulCam?

I don’t want to say much or spoil anything, so as not to ruin the surprise effect, but surely, now that this sort of ‘normality’ is restarting our industry, what I left pending will have to restart, new musical projects will be released soon and I can reveal in advance that in 2022 there will also be an international tour that will feature the artistic figure of PaulCam.

Nearing the end of 2021, we would also like to know how significant has this past year been when it comes to your growth as an artist within the dance industry, as well as any plans that may be in the works for 2022?

2021 has been a breakthrough year for PaulCam, my latest release ‘Calabrisella’ is the first release of the various musical projects I have produced, the others that are currently in the pipeline will be released soon, certainly from early 2022, stay tuned and coming soon.

Taking it back to his Calabrian roots, PaulCam has once again showcased his versatility in the electronic dance industry, and we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on any future releases from this multi-faceted artist. In the meantime, make sure to check out ‘Calabrisella’ below. Enjoy!

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