Sander van Doorn’s Identity radio show comes to an end, to be transformed into new format

The legend that is Sander Van Doorn has been doing weekly episodes of his radio show Identity for over 15 years, with the show premiering over 620 episodes filled with new music from legends in the industry as well as rising stars over the years and exclusive announcements from Sander Van Doorn himself. The historic radio show has been a staple of the music industry since its beginnings but via an announcement during the radio shows Amsterdam Dance Event special, the DJ and producer told listeners the next episode would bring the iconic show as we know it to an end and that final show has recently premiered.


In a statement on Instagram, the DJ and Producer explained the end of the show was due to him wanting a reset and taking things in a new direction, citing that radio shows would be transformed into bigger and better episode releases throughout the year, over the current weekly releases. This change the producer adds will allow for him to focus more time and energy that will make shows more unique, and also allow him extra time to focus on his musical releases, live shows and expand upon his very own label Doorn Records in 2022. He then sends thanks to the listeners for making Identity what it is today when he states:

There’s many people I have to thank for making Identity what it is today, but I’ll save those words for the final broadcast. I would like to already give a big shout out to everyone for listening through out the years.


The 623rd and final episode of Identity radio is out now and includes unreleased music, 2021 musical highlights as well as some of Sander Van Doorn’s all-time favourite tracks. You can hear the show on SoundCloud that includes the likes of HI-LO, Timmy Trumpet, Will Sparks as well as Sander Van Doorn’s incredible recent collaboration with Armin Van Buuren “Jonson’s Play” and newest release under his alter ego Purple Haze below.


sImage Credit: Sander van Doorn (via Facebook)

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