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Swedish House Mafia share more details about upcoming ‘Paradise Again’ album on Discord Q&A

After starting an official Discord server for fans to come together to discuss all things about the trio daily, Swedish House Mafia recently took to the server to connect with their fans in a Q&A, where they chatted all things ‘Paradise Again,’ particular tracks on the album and more. Some interesting information came out from the hands of Sebastian Ingrosso himself as he interacted with fans.

One of the biggest pieces of information is that the album will have 14 tracks on it. Although many are speculating still about what tracks out of the many IDs will make the official tracklist, we now know the exact number and that it will include ‘dance’ music as said in reply to a fan who asked if there will be any progressive type tracks on the album.

Screenshot credit: Reddit user CroatiaCevapeMafia via r/SwedishHouseMafia

Another vital piece of information shared was news that a dub version of The Weeknd collaboration ‘Moth To A Flame‘ will be released ‘very soon,’ and on the beloved track subject, sadly ‘Underneath It All‘ is not being released for now due to some disagreements of some kinds with the songwriters on the track.

Screenshot credit: Reddit user axwell1997 via r/SwedishHouseMafia

Aside from this, other tidbits of information were shared including the fact that the A$AP Rocky collaboration ‘Frankenstein,’ in which the trio premiered at Ultra Europe back in 2019, will be coming soon and will be on ‘Paradise Again.’ According to a post by Reddit user Snoopsprouts who enquired about it, they will also be selling meet & greet upgrade tickets for their tour as extra add-ons, which is coming soon.

To be in the know about all the latest information directly from the hands of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello themselves, join their official discord server here.


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