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Travis Scott Astroworld fallout continues, festival being sued for $2 billion

The devastating events that took place at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston, where a total of 10 lives were lost (the youngest of the victims was only 9 years old), have now led to a new lawsuit, which is seeking $2 billion USD in damages from Scott, Canadian rapper Drake, Live Nation and even tech-giant Apple.

Lawyer Thomas J. Henry initially submitted a complaint on behalf of Kristian Paredes, one of the festival’s attendees. The lawsuit has now grown rapidly in the last two weeks, with Henry filing this complaint on behalf of 282 plaintiffs. In a recent media statement, Henry went into great depth of the complaint:

“The defendants stood to make an exorbitant amount of money off of this event, and they still chose to cut corners, cut costs, and put attendees at risk. My clients want to ensure the defendants are held responsible for their actions, and they want to send the message to all performers, event organisers, and promoters that what happened at Astroworld cannot happen again.”

Upon further investigation, it was found that Apple didn’t help the cause in terms of the festival’s design and layout:

“Early reports indicate that the premises were arranged in a fashion that best served Apple’s online streaming of the concert at the detriment to concertgoer safety. The placement of cameras streaming for Apple Music’s broadcast effectively limited many concertgoers’ means of exit; this dangerous condition would inevitably prevent individuals from dispersing.”

The premise of this argument comes from a separate lawsuit entirely, which was filed by lawyer Tony Buzbee:

“When people say, ‘Tony, how can you sue Apple TV, the record labels and these other peripheral entities?’ Well I would suggest they threw in with this. They were promoting this, encouraging this and profiting from this,” he said. “It’s profits over people. And if the show doesn’t go on, people don’t get paid.”

Despite the fact that Scott issued refunds to ticketholders and is covering funeral costs of the victims, to have 10 fatalities at a music festival is unbelievable to comprehend. It’ll be interesting to see the eventual outcome of these lawsuits against Travis Scott and Astroworld, and who’ll officially be deemed responsible.


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