'Silence & Secrets'

WhoMadeWho purge their ‘Silence & Secrets’ in an emotive new deep cut: Listen

There is always a huge mystique surrounding the Danish trio WhoMadeWho. Regardless of who did what, what matters is that this irreverent group always delivers true pieces of audible art. After announcing the arrival of their seventh studio album in April next year, WhoMadeWho have been dropping their first couple of singles. First was the hypnotic ‘Mermaids‘ in May, then the sun-kissed ‘Summer in July and now they share the heartfelt ‘Silence & Secrets‘, out via Berlin-based Embassy One.

Tomas Høffding, Tomas Barford and Jeppe Kjellberg are one complete set-up, a three-man show that carries the secret recipe for a solid career and a unique concept. Whether through their emotive studio creations or their breathtaking live performances, WhoMadeWho are unique, passionate and unforgettable. Synonymous with a euphoric melancholy, this talented trio develops their art through the realms of introspective and meaningful music. Without genre, without barriers, without tags and without limits. Thus flourishes the creativity of the Danish outfit that for years has been spreading subtle rhythms, dreamy chorus progressions and enchanting vocals.

Now, to deliver the third extract from their forthcoming album, WhoMadeWho team up with charismatic Innervisions co-founder Frank Wiedermann. Possessing an inner vision, Frank adds another layer of introspection to the trio’s message, in a perfect symbiosis of talents. On this delicate melodic pearl, WhoMadeWho commented:

“Silence and Secrets’ is about the urge we all have to unfold our potential and to flourish as human beings. We all need to take a deep breath and to make the inner connection. The song is the sweet fruit of a collaboration with Frank Wiedemann from the Innervisions headquarters in Berlin’

‘Silence & Secrets’ begins with touching and captivating deep keys, caressed by suffering, almost weeping voice. The rhythm enters your heart first and only then spreads through your body through the organic, almost tribal percussion that seems to bewitch you like an aboriginal exorcism. If Tulum’s tribalism and European melodic techno had a baby, it would certainly resemble this precious single. The bass and beat are regals and give character to this danceable ballad. This is four and a half minutes of the most velvety melody, a strangely energising melancholy. To get a good feel for it, listen below:

Image Credits: Petra Kleis