Years & Years and Galantis

Years & Years and Galantis team up for uplifting anthem ‘Sweet Talker’: Listen

Set to dominate the airwaves in another dance/pop crossover , fun-loving duo Galantis have teamed up with the British Years & Years for ‘Sweet Talker.’

As everyone knows, Galantis are known for creating sweet, uplifting anthems that walk the line between commercial and dance sounds, ultimately making their own signature sound and dominating both music worlds with it. Previously a band and now operating as a solo project with Olly Alexander at the helms, Years & Years have been dominating the radio stations with infectious hits such as 2015’s ‘King‘ and more recent hits like ‘Crave.’ Now, both Years & Years and Galantis can add ‘Sweet Talker’ to their resumes of hits.

One thing is certainly clear with this record, and that’s the fact that Olly Alexander’s voice shines in a new way, never before seen, against the vibrant soundscape coming from the world of Galantis. A record that will put a smile on any listener’s face without them even realising it, it is a floor-filler and is born from the escapism that one can feel with music, taking us out of the mundane pandemic life into a post-Covid world where things feel brighter. It also gives listeners a further glimpse into the mind of the singer through its thoughtful lyrics. About this, the singer shared:

“I was writing from a fantastical space, stuck in the same four walls. I wanted to have as much pleasure as possible in the music.”

This comes as the third single from Years & Years’ upcoming album ‘Night Call‘ due to be released on January 7 via Interscope. Until that’s released in full, you can enjoy the sweet sounds of Years & Years and Galantis with ‘Sweet Talker’ below, or through the usual platforms here.

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