Artists who made an impact in 2021

We’ve all felt the disruption of the pandemic recently, however there have been huge movements and developments within the world of electronic music. With new initiatives, innovative releases and record-breaking new achievements, some artists have dominated the scene this year, so we’re looking back upon some of those artists as the year draws to an end.

Don Diablo

If there’s one artist who has been incredibly busy, but juggles producer life tremendously, it’s the mastermind that is Don Diablo. His impact on the music world is pretty much unmatched, and in the crypto-art space, he is like no other. NFT’s have been a concept for a while now, however it seems 2021 was the year they all took off. Don Diablo took his ‘future’ saying and concept quite literally when it came to digital art, releasing a plethora of his very own NFT’s (Non-Fungible Token) this year. Diablo was relentless with these art releases, with his most recent effort selling on the market for an enormous $1.2 million, titled ‘Destination Hexagonia’. Although sometimes a controversial concept, Don Diablo is persistent in paving the way innovatively within the scene, creating the first-ever eco-friendly NFT as well as additional physical rewards for the purchase of his digital art. ‘Hexhibit III’ was a mind-bending NFT he put on the market, equipped with a physical spaceship-like pod, evidence that he is hoping to influence the NFT’s that come after him.

Musically, Don Diablo should never be underestimated, as he finally dropped his highly anticipated album ‘FORΞVΞR’, to which was met with exceptional praise industry-wide. Boasting 21 incredible tracks, it included the track ‘Too Much To Ask’ featuring Ty Dolla $ign which was in collaboration with the United Nations’ ‘Just Dig It’ campaign. The campaign allowed 1 square metre of land to be planted for every 25 streams of the track, and the song is currently sitting on an impressive 5 million streams on Spotify, which calculates 200,000 of greener space on the planet.



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Image credit: Don Diablo (Press)

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