Burak Yeter

Burak Yeter: Mr. ‘Tuesday’ reflects on 2021 [We Rave You Magazine Cover Interview]

When naming an artist who has had incredible success in 2021, one name that instantly comes to mind is none other than Burak Yeter, our final cover star of the year. It would be extremely hard to try and list down all of his achievements in 2021 alone, aside from his career as a whole, and with the year drawing to a close, now is a better time than ever to talk with him and reflect on how it has been for him. 

Hi Burak! Thanks for joining us. As we look back upon 2021, it has certainly been a crazy ride for you with all of your successes. What has been a personal highlight of your year?

“Yes, 2021 was very productive for me. Especially with virtual sets, I think we have raised awareness by bringing different cultures together in different locations. Also, in the DJ Mag poll, my rank increased by 7 to #82 and I hope I will see my name increase higher in the rankings in the future.”

You’ve released a lot of hits this year including ‘Oh My My,’ ‘Last Night,’ and ‘Just Wanna Know You (Summer 2.0)’ to name a few, culminating in 772 million streams on Spotify alone. What do you think of all of this success and is there a release that stands out to you the most that you had the most fun making? 

“‘Oh My My’ hit a very serious number of streams and views within a week of the release and that number is still increasing today, and soon we will release the remixes. On the other hand, we released ‘Just Wanna Know You (Summer 2.0)’ with Armada Music. At the moment, I have got 772 million streams on Spotify which has been a big success for me. I’m in the top 20 DJ/Producer Spotify yearly stream list algorithm, which includes some of the most elite DJs in the world. This success has made me very happy. Even ‘Tuesday’ hit No.1, 2 weeks ago, and that showed me the value of my recent success.”

Speaking of tracks, your 2016 release ‘Tuesday’ is still blowing up, being No.1 on the Global House Chart on Shazam which is certainly incredible all these years later. What do you think has contributed to the huge success of the track?

“Yes, ‘Tuesday’ has headed back to the game again and has hit #1 on the Shazam Global House Chart. In one interview in 2016, I said that I think it will still be big in the long-term and it has happened. It’s been 5 years since we released the song and it can still hit the top charts. I believe ‘Tuesday’ will keep going up and gain even more streams. I’m thinking about releasing a new version of ‘Tuesday’ in the future. The track name may be different but the arrangement will be the same with different lyrics. This is the first time I have even hinted at this new version.”

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