Carl Cox’s classic finds new life in the hands of Saytek and Rory Marshall in ‘Moroccan Chant 2022’: Listen

In the final stretch before we enter the new year, Carl Cox resurrects his ‘Moroccan Chant‘. Out now via 23rd Century DGTL, the single gets two brand new remixes by Saytek and Rory Marshall on ‘Moroccan Chant 2022‘.

If you rummage through the vintage section of vinyl repositories, you’ll easily find ‘Club Traxx Vol.2‘ by king Carl Cox. The two-part EP released in 2003 via 23rd Century Records included Cox’s original and a mythical remix by Eric Powell. Carl Cox and Eric Powell are both pioneering techno DJ and producers that share a strong friendship dating back to the late 80s. The similarity in taste between these two titans and their musical compatibility is evident in Powell’s remix of ‘Moroccan Chant’. This reinterpretation inspired years later, in 2015, the release of ‘Moroccan Chant Number 2‘, via Bush Records, the label whose co-founder is Eric Powell. After scouring through their archives, the titans Cox and Powell decided that the track deserved to be given a new spin and so it was. The result was two very different interpretations of the original, without leaving the realm of techno, one by DEAS and the other by Roel Salemink with Dumcomplex.

Now, as we near the turn of the year, Carl Cox brings this classic back to the charts with two fresh and irreverent versions. Rory Marshall takes the tribal essence of the original and enhances it, taking you into a native setting where percussion rules. Beating at a slightly more serene pace than Cox’s 2003 version, Rory’s reinterpretation gives it a more contemplative and immersive contemporary techno character. The remix is warm, enveloping, inviting you to connect with your more primal side and just dance to this (heart)beat-infused tune.

Saytek takes you back to the classic intricacies of techno with a version full of cymbals, claps and a pounding beat. Unlike Rory’s more organic version, this one is industrial, more raw and metallic, appealing to darker atmospheres. The percussion continues to dominate the track, this time betting on the higher tones. Through various effects and layers, Saytek has created a hypnotic, modern, elegant and floor-ready version.

Carl Cox has already tested both versions in his most recent performances and the reaction of the audience does justice to these top-quality remixes. Listen for yourself and try to pick your favourite.


Image Credit: Carl Cox Press (via Festicket)