Charlotte KNTXT

Charlotte de Witte celebrates second year of her KNTXT imprint with Collector Box

The year is almost over and few can at this moment review 2021 as enthusiastically as Charlotte de Witte. In 2019, Charlotte unveiled the KNTXT label with the promise of revolutionising and refreshing techno music, and so she did. Earlier this year, the imprint began accepting demos and the result was a brilliant year of releases. It is in celebration of KNTXT’s achievements in its sophomore year that DJ and music producer Charlotte de Witte announces the arrival of the KNTXT 2Y Collector Box. This exclusive release will be the only way for fans to get their hands on a limited edition of Charlotte’s ‘Formula EP‘ on clear red vinyl. In addition, the collector box will include the label’s other five releases this year which, in addition to music from the label boss, includes work from ONYVAA, Alignment, and Indira Paganotto.

What to say about Charlotte de Witte’s 2021? The list of highlights is anything but short. This was the year in which the Belgian artist regained her first place in DJ Mag’s Alternative Top 100 poll. To fill 2021 with more adrenaline, she released her long-awaited ‘Formula EP’ with an incredible live-streamed set directly from the Italian Formula 1 race track, at the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello. The theme was further reinforced in her Charlotte de Witte x Tomboy collaboration, which featured some badass racing t-shirts. There were many special livestreams and performances signed by this techno powerhouse throughout the year, who also topped many lineups since live music was allowed to return to the public. Her talent as a tastemaker was revisited in a second Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. Her incendiary remix of ‘Age Of Love‘ with her fiancé Enrico Sangiuliano is another 2021 highlight. Leveraging her growing imprint, Charlotte presented a sportswear collection from KNTXT with 4254 and also launched the Apple Music x KNTXT page. The imprint closed out the year last December 17 with an explosive performance in Istanbul, Turkey and now her eyes are already set on 2022, for February specifically. That’s the month when Charlotte will perform a 10-hour set in her hometown of Ghent.

This very special KNTXT 2Y Collector Box will arrive in lucky owners hands in June 2022 and is already available for pre-order here. In addition to the incredible cover art by Bureau Borsche, the limited edition vinyl box set celebrating the second anniversary of Charlotte de Witte’s boutique label KNTXT includes ‘Nothingness EP’ and ‘Power EP’ de Alignment, ‘Lost Angeles EP’ de ONYVAA, ‘Himilaya EP’ de Indira Paganotto, and ‘Formula EP’(limited editions) and ‘Asura EP’ de Charlotte de Witte.


Image Credit: Charlotte de Witte (via Facebook)