Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano

Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano’s remix of ‘The Age Of Love’ is Beatport’s best-selling techno track of 2021

It’s certainly been ‘The Age Of Love‘ for techno’s power couple Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano, as their incredible remix of the classic by Age of Love has won the prestigious title of being Beatport‘s best-selling techno track of 2021, to no surprise.

Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano’s joint remix of this beloved classic – dubbed as being one of the most popular early examples of the trance genre – has far from been popular just within the techno realm, and quickly fired out into the mainstream electronic music genres with titans such as Armin van Buuren, MORTEN, and Tiësto to name just a handful of examples have all been seen playing it out at recent sets such as at MDLBEAST‘s Soundstorm and Creamfields earlier in the summer.

“Our The Age Of Love Remix is the Best Selling Techno track of the year on Beatport. Thank you for your immense support, this is pretty insane” – said Charlotte de Witte upon hearing the news

There’s more to celebrate for the pair when it comes to Beatport’s 2021 end of year statistics, too. Not only bring the No.1 best-selling techno track, it is the 5th overall best-selling track, and the 6th most LINK-streamed track of 2021. Charlotte de Witte, on the other hand has also gained herself some impressive titles too. In the list of top 10 best-selling artists of the year, she comes 5th, and also comes 7th on the most streamed list, whereas she is 2nd overall on the top trending artists of the year, a list which determines which artists have had the most growth in terms of tracks sold in the last 12 months compared to the 12 months before it. Not only being ‘The Age Of Love,’ it also seems to be the age of success for techno’s lovebirds.

You can continue to buy ‘The Age Of Love’ remix on Beatport here, and stream it here.


Image Credit: Charlotte de Witte (via Facebook)

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