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Deaf Rave announces first ever DJing workshop for the deaf community

The DJing industry is set to witness the onboarding of a whole new community of artists with the announcement of the first-ever DJing workshopfor the deaf and the hearing impaired, which is set to be conducted in 2022 by Deaf Rave. Scheduled for January 10 from 18:00 to 20:00 in Brixton, the workshop will provide a lucrative opportunity to the members of the deaf community where the enrollees will be taught how to mix at a beginner level. Having teamed up with Grooveschool for this wonderful initiative, Deaf Rave as a platform is truly living up to its promise of “accessing doors previously closed.”

Founded by Troi Lee (popularly known as DJ Chinaman), Deaf Rave has been around the industry for more than two decades now, entertaining all groups of audiences through music, visual performances, and even songs in sign language.

“Half of the deaf community enjoys music thanks to technology, just like me. The other half is there because it’s a place to socialize. People come and go. I’ve lost count of the number of couples who have been created there. But we continue to offer them a safe place”  – Troi Lee, via We Are Europe

Registrations for the workshop are open. To sign up, be sure to send a DM to Deaf Rave’s official Instagram account here.

Image credit: via British Deaf News 

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