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France set to close all nightclubs for minimum of four weeks

As many countries in Europe are battling rising Covid-19 cases once again, France is one of these countries and to battle a surge in cases, they are forcing nightclubs to once again close just after a report that the 75% capacity for clubs was lifted.

For a minimum of four weeks, which could be extended if needed to, nightlife will once again be stopped as people were enjoying the freedom and a return to dancefloors. This comes with another wave of restrictions, but the closure of nightclubs is the biggest restriction to be implemented currently, with other restrictions being health passes for restaurants and outdoor Christmas markets, working from home if possible, mandatory face mask usage in schools and a few other restrictions which will hopefully stop this rise in cases in its tracks.

“The time is not for gauges, curfews, or lockdowns — that would be disproportionate. However, the circumstances require an individual and collective effort to ensure everyone limits risks of contamination.” – stated Prime Minister Jean Castex, via a report by the New York Times 

The decision not to introduce another lockdown comes as the vaccination rate in France of the population is reported to be nearing 90%, with those aged 5-12 seeing the possibility of also being offered the vaccine soon enough. As reported by France 24, nightclub owners are not happy at all with the news, as UMIH Nuit industry association member Thierry Fontaine said:

“Once again there’s no clampdown for any other sector. They cancel New Year’s Eve for us… but they’ll be dancing in all the restaurants.”

This closure means that nightclub owners will be missing out on huge money brought in by the weeks leading up to the festive season and New Year’s Eve, one of the most crucial times for a nightclub.


Image Credit: Rafael Kellermann Streit on Unsplash  

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